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Tunable White

Day-O-Lite offers a variety of white tuning options and control protocols for a range of human centric applications and budgets. It is recommended that a recognized authority on the benefits, best practices and control of white tuning be consulted. Contact Day-O-Lite for additional information.

As a rule fewer channels will provide a basic level of performance for budget conscious applications. Conversely, an increased number of channels, a wider CCT range, higher CRI and more precise color consistency may be more appropriate depending on the application and desired results.

This becomes apparent when considering the black body curve within the standard CIE chromaticity diagram. Two connected CCT points, one high and one low will define a line drawn beneath the black body locus. Colors on the locus above the line will not be generated by a two channel system. In contrast, three or more channels will more accurately match the locus, resulting in greater color accuracy from the high to the low end of the range.

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